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We offer car tuning accessories with the best prices. You can buy bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and body kits for almost every single car model. If you want to have the one and only car styling, please go through our website and check out what car tuning is really about.

HS AutoStyling established in 1995 with a view to providing our customers the best bodystyling kits and accessories available in the market. We have gained international recognition for our initiatives in setting new standards for car bodystyling, with our unique one off body kits, which has won us countless awards all over UK.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the Auto-styling industry. Our appreciation of the needs of the Auto-styling enthusiast allows for the supply of superior service to our customers. We take pride in sharing our knowledge, our staff are always willing to give an impartial opinion based on feedback from customers, manufacturers, and body styling experts.

Racing and Sport Seats

We are the official supplier of Corbeau and Momo sports seats. These are High performance sport seats which enables the driver and vehicle to function as one. It’s a must have modding accessory for your car.

Remember a seat that holds your body securely provides instant feedback and an overall improved driving experience whether on the track or out for a spirited drive. A sport seat also adds style to your interior that no other single modification can provide. With different colours and styles available, this is one upgrade that does it all: Form, function, and customization! In addition to the added benefits of lateral support, increased safety, and enhanced styling, these sport seats can provide up to an 80% weight savings over factory seats. Sports seats are available in both reclining and fixed-back styles depending on design.

Lambo door conversions

We were the first company in the UK to introduce lambo door conversions, it’s now a must have accessory for all modding enthusiasts. There are now so many different types of door hinges available in the market, but when it comes to lambo door conversions we only recommend LSD door hinges, they are the only kit that is worth while having, because the quality on these kits speak for them selves. LSD door hinges, have spectacular appearance, they also come with a German TÜV certificate certifying that the LSD wing doors meet all safety standards.

Compared to other retrofit sets for lambo door conversion, the LSD fittings made in Germany are more impressive due to their absolutely sound engineering and the highest-possible standard of quality. In addition, a testing laboratory accredited by the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt (Federal motoring bureau) proved in a side-crash test, that the LSD-solution patented in Germany is as secure as a door assembled in the series production. This means: the occupant’s safety is guaranteed by the LSD door fittings in a side-crash complying with rule 96/27/EG. LSD makes a quick and easy installation possible, without any welding or repainting necessary. Another convincing feature is their perfect fit, thanks to the ability to make three-dimensional adjustments. The LSD door fittings are mounted directly at the points where the original doors were removed. With the added fittings, the otherwise unchanged doors open first outward and then gently glide upward and stop. Adjustable buffers prevent the doors from being opened too wide or from falling downward or inward when open.

A simple grip is all it takes to close the door. On the one hand, the LSD solution allows you to open the door in a outward motion with an aperture angle of approx. 30°; on the other hand, it also allows you to swing the wing door upward, and all that without any great exertion. The LSD wing doors lend any car a sensational look and are the ideal solution for all fans of unusual tuning and show cars.


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